Be sure to check out these answers to questions you may have about Sertun Rechargeable Sanitizer Indicator Towels –  Insurance in a Bucket™!

Where can I find the SDS sheet for Sertun towels?

Sertun towels do not require an SDS sheet.

Will a health inspector approve my use of a Sertun towel?

The health inspector should not object to your use of a Sertun towel because you are still using a wiping tool and sanitizer to sanitize surfaces as stated in the Food Code.

Must the bucket I use actually be red in color?

You do not need a red bucket specifically for Sertun to work.

Will Sertun work with any Quat?

Yes, it will work with any Quat solution of 150 – 400 parts per million (ppm)

How do I know when the sanitizer is effective?

If the towel is not bright blue as indicated on the bucket sticker, then the sanitizer is not effective.

How do I know if sanitizer has been added to my bucket of water?

If a fresh yellow towel is placed in a bucket of water, it will remain yellow.

What if my towel doesn't turn bright blue after 60 seconds?

If a fresh yellow towel does not turn bright blue before 60 seconds, check the sanitizer level. It may take longer to change in cold water.

How long can I use a Sertun towel?

Sertun towels were designed to last for one 6-8 hour shift.

Are Sertun towels stain resistant?

Sertun towels will stain like any other towel.

Does Sertun work with a spray bottle system?

No, Sertun is used only with a bucket system.

Can I use Sertun towels with detergent or bleach?

Do not use Sertun towels with detergent or bleach.

Do you have a towel that indicates bleach?

No, we do not have a towel that indicates bleach.

Does Sertun work with baking powder or baking soda?

No, do not use Sertun with baking powder or baking soda.

Can Sertun towels be used with disinfectants?

No, Sertun towels are not designed to be used with disinfectants.